Monday, July 11, 2011

Come, Come, Last Chance to See

"Come, come, last chance to see
Crowd the shores and look to the east
Towards distant metal towers that won't be used anymore
And behold the spectacle that is last of its kind!"

The circus cryer calls out to all
In analog and with little ones and zeroes
Beckoning all, and sure enough, they come
Like they've never come before

The people at the stores and shops
Never seen such a crowd
And then wonder where they have been
Hiding, perhaps? Certainly disinterested

A town whose fate was tied to fortunes
Things that were beyond their control
Idly wonders what lies ahead
After the crowds disappear

Those centers of commerce along the highway
All are fading now
With names like Searstown
The Miracle City Mall is all but bones now

In the distance, the towers still stand
With some soon to be silenced forever
Their fate, like that of the town's
Tied to things beyond their control

Still, some bits of screaming, roaring metal
Resplendent cylinders of fuel and fire
Will be flung from towers more distant
Into the cosmic abyss

For now the circus cryer continues his song
The people come and watch
As a proud legacy slips into history
While a nation bickers

"Come, come, last chance to see..."

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