Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i peruse them
just looking to see
what the lonely write
as they seek someone
to fill that niche
in their hearts

how sincere are they?
"19 yr old seeks man for serious relationship"
and i chuckle
what 19 needs to be serious about anything?
(i have clothing older)

i close the page and move on
(to the bicycle page)
and wonder if those hearts will ever be filled
if they are really serious
seeking the right person
for some undisclosed time

Monday, June 29, 2009

reflection in c-minor

the distant child within me
stirs amidst emotional echoes
harkening back to bright days
dark days
memory hovering on the edge
of extinction
dreams yet unfulfilled
in those twelve year old eyes
from that distant summer
lying in the back seat
as mother drove
i can still feel the motion
of that delta-88

many summers have passed
and yet that twelve year old clings
to life
deep inside of me
holding on desperately
to those yet unfulfilled dreams
of a world so bright
a future so abundant
love so real
reflected in those
twelve year old eyes